Friday, 15 May 2015

May Auction

We are super excited for our second auction evening!

Please print this auction form for the items that you are donating to raise funds for the guild.

Print > Fit to page
There are two per sheet.

Monday, 13 April 2015

April Sew-in Workshop

Our April Sew-in will be on April 26, 2015, 10am - 4pm

This Sunday will be a workshop with Elizabeth Olwen!

Cost: $40 + supplies (graph paper, pencils, eraser, markers or coloured pencils, scissors, rotary cutter, thread, sewing machine, fabric, ruler, sewing machine, pins, calculator, etc.)

Background: Elizabeth Olwen is a surface pattern designer from Toronto. She designs patterns for many products, including fabrics, working with Cloud9 Fabrics as well as Joann’s, and turning her collections into modern quilt designs. You can find more about Elizabeth and her approach to quilt design in the current issue of Uppercase Magazine. (Yes, she’s a star!). Her fabric collections include Grey Abbey, Wildwood and Morning Song.

Details: In this conceptual design workshop, Elizabeth will walk you through her steps for designing a quilt. She will touch on considerations for quilt design, showcasing a fabric collection (designer or custom), sketching out ideas and working them into a quilt design of your own. Depending on the size of quilt top you design, you may or may not finish the top in its entirety. 

***This workshop does NOT involve the teaching of sewing techniques or mathematics involved in quilt top logistics.

Maximum Participants: 20

April Meeting

When: April 27, 2015

Where: Kanata Recreation Complex. 100 Walter Baker Place.

How much: Annual Memberships $40 Guest passes $7/meeting

This month features some great activities:
-Guest speaker: Elizabeth Olwen
-Mini quilt swap sign-ups

What should I bring?
-Any UFOs to be included in the UFO Challenge
-Any projects you would like to share with the group (time permitting)
-$12 if you would like to sign up for a sew-in
-A pen and a notebook, if you like taking notes
-Your typing thumbs and #OTTMQG if you are going to tweet along with the meeting.

Meet-up with the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild

Come and join the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild and Montreal Modern Quilt Guild for a meet and greet, Pin cushion/mug rug swap, Challenge Quilt show and share, and sewing time. Bring your own food and drinks. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015
9am - 5pm

Chute a Blondeau Community Centre


Members only please since this is a guild-funded event.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Ottawa Charity Quilt Recap

** This bog post was submitted to QuiltCon as a summary of the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guilds Charity Quilt Submission***

Ottawa is a large Canadian city, but most importantly the nation’s capital. Being such a government town in turn means that many move to Ottawa because of government jobs, and carry with them strong ties to areas across our large country.  We have guild members from Newfoundland, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, etc., so as a guild we don’t feel that we are representative of just one geographical region, but as a nation as a whole.  So when initial ideas were discussed via e-mail, various aspects that represented Canada such as ice, buildings, water, boats, etc. were at the forefront.  We really wanted our quilt to represent ourselves and our country at QuiltCon and also connect personally to the recipient when it comes home.
At our October meeting, our group (Laura Piggott, Joelyn Gregory, Kirstin Fearon, April Waddell, Janet Ferguson, and Julie Johnston) met and looked at a couple of sketches our president Laura drew up that incorporated some of the main themes mentioned.  We divided up the sections and elements among ourselves (flying geese, maple leaf, city scape, sailboats, fireworks/sun/stars, the word “Canada itself) and put our own individual, fantastic spin on them.

We chose to use the light blue as our main background colour to help create cohesiveness.  All sections were sent back to Kirstin for piecing and quilting. Jan Kittle, OMQG member and quilt-shop owner, donated time on her long arm at The Pickle Dish for Kirstin to use.  Kirstin quilted much of the main element details with free-motion quilting on the long arm and Jan offered to finish off the background elements in the shop. 

Everyone worked extremely well as a team.  Fat eighth Kona bundles were donated to each team member by OMQG Pam from Mad About Patchwork.  Once the quilt was all finished, Alison Harle (our guild Photog)  brought our quilt baby to Parliament (we are in the nation's capital, after all) and took some amazing photos.  The quilt went on the last leg of its journey thanks to Julie, who managed to get out during the last-minute Christmas shipping crunch and send it on its way.  We're very excited to see this quilt at QuiltCon and are so happy we participated in this challenge.  We have five guild members attending QuiltCon and we can’t wait to see it there! Thanks to the MQG for the opportunity!

Contributing Members:

Laura Piggott

Joelyn Gregory

Kirstin Fearon

April Waddell

Janet Ferguson
Julie Johnston 
Jan Kittle

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Modern Winter Escape!

After all the hustle and bustle of December, you know that you will have earned some 'selfish sewing days'! Join us at our inaugural Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild retreat the weekend of January 30, 31 and Feb 1.
Located in lovely Morrisburg, we will have a great opportunity to spend a weekend sewing, socializing and quilting at the McIntosh Country Inn!

We can host a minimum of 10, to a maximum of 26 people 
Meals are provided.
Friday night: Dinner, buffet
Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, a Prime rib buffet
Sunday: Brunch
We have 3 pricing options.
Single occupancy is $350
Double occupancy is $241 per person (two to a room)
Triple occupancy is $205 per person (three to a room)
The pricing is a bit different than what was originally posted in the Flickr site in order to purchase some prizes for the event.
Please email to reserve your spot, and room!
1.       Please also indicate in your email who will be your roommate, if you have one.
2.       Please indicate if you would like a roommate but don't currently have one – I will try to pair you up with someone else.
3.       Full payment will be expected by January’s guild meeting. Cash or cheque made payable to the guild.  
If you have a friend that isn’t part of the guild but would be interested, we are welcoming all participants as this is not a subsidized event. 
Kirstin – Retreats at Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild

Monday, 1 December 2014

December Meeting

When: December 22nd 7:30 pm

Where: Ottawa Citizen Building, 1101 Baxter Road.

How much: Annual Memberships $40 Guest passes $7/meeting

This month features some great activities:
-Fall Edition UFO Challenge Prizes
-QuiltCon Charity Quilt Unveiling

What should I bring?
-Any last UFOs to be included in the UFO Challenge
-Any projects you would like to share with the group
-$12 if you would like to sign up for a sew-in
-A pen and a notebook, if you like taking notes
-Your typing thumbs and #OTTMQG if you are going to tweet along with the meeting.